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Fog Parasol

We are proudly to introduce a new product " Fog Parasol " . A combination between unique colour design with new technology to make the fog . We are sure to make your summer days cool & Comfortable .

A large umbrella protects you from the direct sunlight and the fog from the nozzles removes the heat due to the water evaporation effect . 

Semi-Dry fog is so fine that do not cause wetting when touched.

When it touches your clothes & skin , it quickly evaporates without wetting & only refreshinh coolness remains.


-Making hot outdoor spacy cool and comfortable .

-Easily installed , folded & Stored compactly.

Usage / Places :

-Restaurant / Hotel / School Ground 

-Party / Garden / Sport Facilites /Outdoor summer events ...

Specification : 


Octagonal Cantilever Parasol . Open/ Close with Handle 

Mass about 12 Kg . Width 3.0m x Height 2.6m( open)

8 Nozzles mounted with spray about 280cc water per minute


Power Supply 100 ~ 240V ( 50/60 Hz) , Power consumption : 120W

Max. Pressure : 5.0MPa , Mass about 6 Kg ( without water) 

( Note : Pump type may be changed for using several parasol unit together)  

Base Mass about 48 Kg . Note : Shape of Base is subject to change 
Connection tube For Pump connection Approximately3.0m